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The Keystep difference

At Keystep Growth & Finance, we are not quick to dispense advice or jump to conclusions. We embed ourselves within the client’s organization to engage with their team and evaluate their needs without pretension. There is no other way to develop a comprehensive and executable strategy that is the right fit, with the right focus, at the right time.

The Keystep team includes seasoned business executives with decades of know-how in making business happen. We draw on our own past experiences, industry best practices and, as required, an extensive network of specialists in law, tax and corporate governance, to help our clients succeed.

Our advisory services are complimented by hands-on training programs. These are designed for situations where a client wants to expand the skill set of a technically focused team in order for them to undertake business projects. Participants are provided with the clarity, insight and practical tools that will guarantee a timely and high quality execution of key businesses processes. Hundreds of engineers, scientists, technical managers and directors have completed our training programs armed with business, market, sales, product and project plans that are relevant and ready to implement in the real world.

We deliver the mission-critical knowledge transfer to ensure that when our job is done, your success will continue. This is the Keystep difference.

Our track record over the past decade speaks for itself. Contact us for a free consultation and learn why scores of clients in Canada, the United States, Europe and Japan have turned to us.

Who are Keystep’s clients?

  • Entrepreneurs, senior amangers with an engineering or technical background who are not well versed in key business fundamentals
  • Executives of established technology companies that may have hit a “revenue ceiling” or are struggling with other growth challenges such as market saturation, volatility or lack of an effective product migration strategy
  • Any private sector venture that is seeking to secure capital through a public offering, a debt issue, private investment or a government funding program
  • Organizations that want to restructure for improved performance or to prepare for merger and acquisition activity
  • Public sector organizations that want to implement private sector best practices to improve their operations
  • Public sector organizations in need of a private sector perspective on how to develop, and deliver, effective programs and services intended for the business community

Learn more about how we help our clients with:

  • Strategic Growth & Execution
  • Market Development
  • Product Development, Introduction and Migration
  • Financing
  • Multi-disciplinary Operational & Project Management

Learn how we help our clients through:

  • Board of Director Positions
  • Consulting
  • Temporary Executive On-Site
  • Mentoring
  • Training

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