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In the private sector, where fiscal performance is a key measure of success, delivering on mission-critical projects on time and within budget is fundamental to meeting the expectations of shareholders and building a sustainable business. Many of the lessons learned in the corporate setting can yield substantial dividends for public sector organizations.
Keystep’s seasoned consultants have extensive track records in applying the best practices of the private sector to strategic planning and multi-disciplinary project management in the public sector setting. This expertise can be delivered to your organization through our executive advisory services, as well as practical hands-on training programs.


“Keystep played an instrumental role in the initial development of Carleton University’s flagship innovation program — the Foundry Program. The Keystep team demonstrated an impressive ability to identify the value propositions of several nascent technologies developed by our faculty.”
~ Luc Lalande, Co-Founder at IdeaBridge, Director, Commercialization at Carleton University


Our government clients include:

  • National Research Council of Canada: Keystep managed the core competency profiling of the 19 NRC Institutes across Canada.
  • National Research Council of Canada: Keystep undertook the feasibility and planning studies for the Industrial Partnership Facility in Ottawa, which became the model for almost a dozen other such facilities that the NRC opened across Canada.
  • Canadian Space Agency: Keystep consultants managed global market analysis projects for a next-generation earth observation satellite to identify key applications for the environment and water resource management.
  • Office of the Science Advisor: A Keystep consultant managed several science and technology foresight projects across all S&T government departments to identify Canada’s S&T needs in defence and geo-strategic information.
  • Natural Resources Canada: Keystep undertook the feasibility analysis of moving a research facility to a university campus for co-location.
  • Environment Canada: Keystep consultants undertook the review of the climate archive and its commercial applications with the view of moving it to a web-based service model.
  • Canada Centre for Remote Sensing: Keystep assisted the organization in setting up an industry partnership facility for co-locating teams for R&D

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