Geo-info/location-based services

The relevance of geo information to various businesses and services is becoming increasingly recognized. Whether it is the use of products such as maps or satellite imagery, the development of consumer-based applications around location information, or as an element of business analytics, geographic information is a key component of business, government and consumer life on a daily basis. Making sense of both strategic business drivers as well as implementation considerations can be challenging.

Whether at the technology developer end of the spectrum or from the end user perspective, Keystep brings years of expertise to addressing the challenges of technology commercialization, business planning, strategic application positioning and much more.

The Keystep team has worked with clients in spatial technologies, telecommunications and in the public sector to address geo information-related issues.


“I worked with Keystep on the business plan for the formation of Canadian GeoProject Centre, an NPO established to develop international business in the geospatial information sector. Keystep’s consultants are very knowledgeable in business planning and strategy development; their input was instrumental in the development of a comprehensive and realistic plan.”
~ Ed Kennedy, President, Canadian GeoProject Centre Inc.

These include:

  • The Canadian Space Agency: Keystep consultants led the identification of geo information for radar imagery coming from Canada’s RADARSAT satellite.
  • Canadian GeoProject Centre: Keystep consultants helped develop a business plan for a business development consortium for private firms.
  • Atlantis Scientific: Keystep provided the market analysis Atlantis Scientific required to focus and orient business development efforts for its spatial information services.

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