Regardless of the industry sector, software is a dynamic and rapidly evolving market that creates a unique set of challenges distinct from traditional hardware plays. Establishing a competitive advantage and seizing a commercial opportunity has been made that much more difficult with today’s technology products thanks to the shifting partition between hardware and software.

At Keystep, we have worked with numerous software companies at various stages of the maturity scale to orient product development strategies, secure funding, take market share and achieve profitable exits.


” I worked with Peter Kallai, Keystep’s President on new opportunities for the Corporate Renaissance Group (CRG) both for the Canadian and International markets.  Our company has benefitted from these interactions as Keystep has the ability to identify the issue, find areas that require consideration and quickly focus on key action items.  Tremendous value.”

~Vijay Jog, President, Corporate Renaissance Group

“Keystep Growth & Finance took a lead role in an application for government financing on behalf of our startup technology company. Keystep quickly understood our business and technology and led us through the process to document, present and defend our application. We received significant funding that would not have been possible with the same scope, timing and terms, without Keystep.”

~ Lanny Klassen, Vice-President, Excino Technologies Inc.


Past projects include:

  • Excino Technologies: Keystep obtained $500,000 in NRC IRAP government R&D financing for the company.
  • Atlantis Scientific: Keystep developed a marketing strategy for the company’s software products that doubled sales revenues.
  • PCI: Keystep undertook market validation projects for an early prototype to re-orient development around features and capabilities that had greater commercial potential.
  • I-logos Internet Intelligence: A Keystep consultant was instrumental in positioning the company for a sale to a leading HRMS systems company.

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