Multi-disciplinary Operational & Project Management

Operational & project management as multi-dimensional as your business

In today’s rapidly changing business climate, organizations at all levels of maturity need more than advice to overcome the challenges that keep their senior executives awake at night. They need someone who will step in, get involved and execute on multi-disciplinary operational goals and projects.

At Keystep, we apply our extensive knowledge of management, product development, product marketing, sales and finance for our client’s benefit. We see the client’s organization as a whole and understand its technical, operational and financial aspects. This not only allows us to tailor a winning strategy, but to also take the lead in operational planning, project management and execution.

Our multidisciplinary expertise and approach allows us to work closely with all aspects of your business. We understand the motivations and priorities of the people in each of your departments, and we know how to involve them in an effective, collaborative process. Our team is adept at working on projects that include multiple departments or corporate functions.

We engage your key staff in strategy development and implementation-planning sessions to ensure that, when the time comes for us to step back, your team has a well defined plan to follow. This is supported by our practical training programs.

To learn how Keystep can develop, implement and lead the multi-disciplinary projects your business needs to move ahead

Client successes include:

Canadian Space Agency: Keystep consultants were requested to identify the lessons learnt for the RADARSAT 1 Operations, Canada’s first earth observation satellite.

Nortel Networks: A Keystep consultant assisted with an operational review of the captive office of Nortel’s wireless division and helped streamline operations.

Office of the Science Advisor: A Keystep consultant managed several science and technology foresight projects across all S&T government departments to identify Canada’s S&T needs in defence and geo-strategic information.

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