Market Development

Be sure they will come, before you build it

No product or service, no matter how innovative, can be expected to sell itself. Early customer engagement and market research are crucial to define the features, benefits and price points for a product or service to achieve commercial success.

This intelligence forms the basis for a strategic marketing program. Effective marketing is essential for a successful launch that will engage potential customers, convince them of the value of your offering and put sales leads in the pipeline. This effort must be followed up by a sales team with the right people and the right leadership, supported by a clear process for converting leads into a sales order.

At Keystep, we help clients achieve profitable, long-term revenue growth by defining a winning strategy that will drive this entire process, from product concept to full market adoption. We begin with a Marketing Strategy and Implementation Audit to determine how to fuel the growth of your current products.

To learn how Keystep can help you take on the competition and achieve commercial success in today’s dynamic global marketplace

Client successes include:

Atlantis Scientific: Keystep developed a marketing strategy for the company’s software products that doubled sales revenues.

EMS Technologies: Keystep was tasked to review one of EMS’s space based product/technology platform to identify and evaluate terrestrial applications, including the market potential, market entry and the market window.

Telesat Mobile: Keystep’s consultant managed a large market research project of 29 potential target industries for mobile satellite applications and market potential.

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