Strategic Growth & Execution

The only plan that matters is the one that can be executed

Any senior executive or management team can benefit from a fresh perspective on how to chart a growth path for success. At Keystep Growth and Finance, we help our clients build a solid foundation for profitable, long-term revenue growth.

Each situation, and each client, is unique. For a growth strategy to succeed, it must be tailored to the client’s business and its people. At Keystep, we work to ensure a strategy is executable and that the right people are in place to see it through. You can rely on our team to develop a clear and actionable process that works.

We work with your management team to extract and then analyze valuable information about your company. We support that research with external findings that confirm or challenge your corporate knowledge. This establishes a clear context for planning growth at the product, service, market or organizational levels.

Our approach helps our clients achieve strong organic growth by clearly defining their target market, their value proposition and their sales process, including lead generation and lead conversion. It has also been applied with equal success to clients looking to scale their business through merger, acquisition or public offering.

Clients of all sizes, from smaller to mid-sized companies and specific operating divisions within large enterprises, have benefited from our proven methodologies.

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Client successes include:

Enablence Technologies: A Keystep consultant led Enablence’s global marketing function and assisted in a global acquisition program that grew revenues from $3.2 million to $140 million in less than three years.

I-logos Internet Intelligence: A Keystep consultant was instrumental in positioning the company for a sale to a leading HRMS systems company.

National Research Council of Canada: Keystep undertook the feasibility and planning studies for the Industrial Partnership Facility in Ottawa, which became the model for almost a dozen other such facilities that the NRC opened across Canada.

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