The global agenda to more effectively address environmental issues presents many strategic challenges for government agencies and other organizations.

Keystep has worked with a variety of government environmental agencies and arm’s length organizations to develop, implement and evaluate programs. Keystep’s core expertise includes business case development, stakeholder engagement, and program evaluation.


“Keystep’s facilitated strategic sessions for the National Research Council Canada (NRC) with participants from a variety of institutes to identify improved sustainable development friendly technology options for R&D in support of a cross cutting funding initiative.  This was a very difficult task given the diverse research interests of NRC range from aerospace, constructions to telecommunications. Keystep did a wonderful job in planning, facilitating the discussions and delivering a draft plan to improve our focus on sustainable development friendly technologies. ”

~ Judith Young, Executive Director, Vice-President’s Office

Keystep has worked with organizations across Canada, including:

  • Hatfield Environmental Consultants: Keystep helped identify environmental applications of satellite imagery and derived management information.
  • Sustainable Development Technologies Canada: Keystep reviewed various investment proposals submitted by companies to develop and commercialize their innovations.
  • Canadian Meteorological Services Canada: Keystep consultants reviewed the business and technical feasibility of putting the Canadian Climate Archive on the Internet for the benefit of public and private sector customers.
  • Watersheds Canada: Keystep helped facilitate a strategic planning session with the Board of Directors and develop a strategic plan to expand services for the benefit of municipalities across Canada.

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