Dennis Nazarenko


Senior Consultant

Dennis Nazarenko has over 30 years experience in technology industries in both technical and business capacities.  He is currently consulting – providing strategic business planning support to clients in the high tech industry with particular focus on organizations developing or exploring the application of geospatial technologies.

Prior to consulting, Dennis worked for several technology-focused companies.  These included growth stage companies such as Northwood Technologies, Atlantis Scientific and Norland Science and Engineering.  At DM Solutions Group Inc. a leading web-based mapping technology company, Dennis served as its chief operating officer, providing leadership to the company’s growing web mapping technologies business.   His efforts included a restructuring of the company to ensure business sustainability in December 2008. During his time at DM Solutions Dennis was instrumental in leading the company into multiple successful product licensing arrangements with international companies.

Other positions Dennis held included Director of Business Development at Marconi Wireless where he worked with the European and Asian sales teams to develop and implement a channel distribution and management strategy. His responsibilities also included the identification and development of strategic technology partnerships to support Marconi’s goal of providing comprehensive product and service solutions to its customers.

Dennis was Director of Market Development at Radarsat International providing leadership to the company prior to and after the launch of RADARSAT-1.  In this capacity he provided overall leadership in the identification of new RADARSAT business opportunities and worked with the company’s international sales team and distribution partners to develop markets for RADARSAT products.

Dennis has been a featured speaker at several industry-leading conferences and events such as the Canadian Symposium on Remote Sensing, the International Society of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (international symposium), the Asian Remote Sensing Conference, and the IEEE International Radar Conference. In addition, Dennis has authored or co-authored close to 40 technical papers on various aspects of spatial technology.

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