How far can your capital take you?

Few ventures can achieve market success or continue on a long-term growth path without some combination of debt and equity financing. On the other hand, strict financial discipline is required to be as capital efficient as possible. In today’s wary investment environment, companies must strive to do more with less.

At Keystep, our trusted advisors have the experience and expertise you need to secure growth capital through a public offering, a private investment or a government funding program. We also provide the practical advice and insight your business needs to prepare for, and execute, a major change event such as a merger or acquisition.

Our team has a specialized track record in securing for our clients funding from government sources at the provincial and federal levels, such as the NRC IRAP, BDC and SDTC.

Clients rely on us to identify potential investment sources specific to their business opportunities. We know how to approach investors, how to work with them and how to negotiate deals that deliver the funds your business needs on fair and realistic terms.

To learn how Keystep can help secure the capital your business needs and make it do more than you ever thought possible

Client successes include:

Excino Technologies: Keystep obtained $500,000 in NRC IRAP government R&D financing for the company.

Metrophotonics: Keystep obtained $7.8 million in government financing for the company and provided project management services for a government contract.

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